Grad Ticket Program


High schools and their senior students in the following counties:

  • Ohio: Belmont, Jefferson, Harrison, Noble, Guernsey, Monroe
  • West Virginia: Brooke, Hancock, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc upon and somehow altered virtually every aspect of our daily lives, including those of our young people. Kids, namely seniors, have lost so many of the experiences and activities that come with physically being in a traditional classroom setting with their friends and peers as they prepare for the next chapter.  We’ve heard parents are budgeting to throw a big enough (and well deserved) party for their seniors.  Everyone has had to do without so much… which is exactly why we want to give back.

This year, the team at Blame My Roots Fest is offering two types of discounted tickets to the senior students in our area:

  • Single-day ticket (Friday or Saturday): $30 
  • Weekend pass (Friday and Saturday) $50

The seniors aren’t the only ones getting some love. We’re also giving back to everyone at participating schools in one - potentially two! - ways:

  • 10% of the entire revenue generated from senior tickets sold at the school will be reinvested into the music department.
  • The participating school that generates the most revenue will receive a $500 donation and a mention at the festival


These seniors have had many, if not all, activities altered or suspended. Many even had their Junior year activities cancelled as well, including Spring prom, sports activities, awards banquets, fundraisers, class trips, etc., not including community events outside of school. These events create an attachment and commitment to community, and result in sustainable growth even in students that move away temporarily or permanently. 

Why Not?

  • BMRF is, and has always been, for all ages.
  • BMRF is the 3rd weekend in July. Most high school seniors are 18 by then. In fact, only seniors with birthdays between July 18th and early August won’t be 18 should they choose to purchase a ticket. BMRF is an all-ages show.
  • This is not a campground pass. You must be 18 years old, or accompanied by an adult, to register for camping and campground passes.
  • If kids can attend other concerts and festivals at Star Lake, they can attend BMRF.
  • But what about alcohol? There is no BYOB (coolers) at BMRF. You must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol at BMRF. This will be excessively enforced. 

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