Concert General Questions:

  1. What’s the address for the festival?

Valleyview Campgrounds
43263 National Road
Belmont, OH 43718

It is just a few hundred yards West of the main JITH gate along Rt 40.

  1. Can I re-enter the festival if I choose to go back to my site? Yes
  2. Does the Eventbrite Concert ticket include camping? You must go to the “CAMPING” tab on the website to register for camping.
  3. Will there be restrooms available? Not the flushable kind.
  4. Can I bring food into the festival? Yes, for this year. We will have local food vendors available in the concert area. No glass. (See Prohibited Items)
  5. What beverages can I bring in? For alcohol = Beer, Anything non-alcoholic, no glass. Bring lots of water! If you run out of water, you can re enter the concert area throughout the day. (See Prohibited Items)
  6. Can I bring in tarps and chairs? Yes and canopies will be in designated area in the upper area of the amphitheater. (See Prohibited Items)
  7. What is the age limit for the festival? All ages for concert. 18 yr older for campgrounds unless registered with parent/guardian. So, a group of 17 year olds cannot get a campsite. But they can purchase a concert ticket.
  8. Will the festival be ADA accessible? Yes
  9. How will this festival compare to JITH? We were Jamboree fans before we were campground operators and our goal has been to create a mini version. Although there will be a lot of familiarity, there are some traditions of Jamboree that developed over time. Out of respect to JITH—and in considering our own personal memories—some of these traditions that were created there, should rest there…or continue should JITH return.
  10. Can I write the theme song for the festival? We have had this question a lot since our launch. At the moment we do not have plans to commission a theme song.
  11. Will there be a walkway along front of stage for photos? No
  12. Will the event be broadcasted on TV? At this time, we do not have broadcasting permission from the artists.
  13. Will there be food vendors? We hope for as much variety as possible to serve from morning through late night!

Camping Questions:

Please refer “Camping Information” download under the CAMPING tab

Ticketing Questions:

  1. Will you have Concert wristband distribution before the show? We are planning wristband outlets & events in the local area. Dates/Time/Location TBD.
  2. Will there be single day tickets available? Single day tickets will be released closer to the festival date.
  3. Can I buy my tickets in person ahead of the show? Concert tickets must be purchased online until the box office opens (tbd). For the wristband outlet dates, wristbands will be released to customers with paid receipts OR we’ll help you purchase your ticket online then provide wristband.
  4. What is included with the VIP ticket? VIP Concert ticket includes:
    1. VIP front stage access for both Roots & Main Stage which are adjacent starting in 2020.
    2. VIP Hilltop Saloon Tent:
      1. Fenced in covered tables and chairs - designed for dining and weather, not "stadium seating"
      2. Bar access
      3. Friday & Saturday catered buffet dinner
      4. VIP porta jons
  5. Is my ticket refundable? No


  1. Will you have merchandise available? Yes! We currently have merchandise for sale - view or BMRF merch here. We will have new 2020 merchandise available on-site in July!
  2. Will there be medical personnel on site? Yes
  3. Where will I park? We will have parking onsite, and we’ll be working with our neighbors that have provided their own private parking in the past.
  4. Do you have WiFi? We MIGHT have it for a fee through a separate vendor. If so, we will post an update to website/social media.
  5. Do you have any job opportunities available? We have a large staff of local folks every year that help us operate Valleyview. Any additional help will be posted.
  6. Can I be a Food Vendor? Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive information regarding being a vendor at the festival.
  7. Can I be a festival sponsor? Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  8. Can I play at your music festival? Most of our spots are filled OR we’ve reached out to acts already. However, you can send an EPK to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  9. Can I bring instruments to entertain myself/friends at my campsite? Yes, please absolutely!

Our Sponsors


Valley View Campgrounds

43263 National Road
Belmont, OH 43718