Coolers inside the Concert Venue

In 2021, the fact that we are able to prepare to host a concert for our community is a blessing and an obligation we take very seriously. Attendee safety is our number 1 priority. The days of BYOB at concerts with international music stars are unfortunately long gone. Every festival and concert created in America today operates off of a concessionaire set up for all food and beverage, alcohol included (for the 21+ attendees). 

We’ve addressed alcohol sales in a way that perhaps no other festival our size has done:

  • Alcohol will be sold at the lowest prices possible, and will be the cheapest festival bar prices in the Tri-State area (hands down).
  • Bars & beer tents will be readily available throughout the festival grounds with very quick lines and an amazing selection of products thanks to our partners, Muxie Distributing/Bud Light.
  • We will have two main Beer Tents on each end of the venue and each will have 10-15 lines. We’ve seen this setup reduce wait times significantly. 
  • Beer gardens will be available in VIP as a quick option for beer sales (especially during an act!)
  • Servers will be providing sales to the Country Cabana VIP Boxes
  • BMRF will have amazing local food truck options throughout the weekend for all food inside the festival grounds.
  • BMRF Food Truck Rally is new for 2021 and provides a friendly competition between food vendors. Friendly competition means YOU WIN as a consumer, as we expect incredible food offerings from traditional festival fare, to local scratch kitchen food trucks!
  • The campgrounds and tailgate areas are BYOB, as each area always has been. Campgrounds open at 9:00 am to the public on Wednesday, July 14th, with entertainment on Wednesday and Thursday evening.
  • We will be selling campground day passes for guests for Friday & Saturday.  Have more than 6 campers? Make a new friend at the show? Friendships don’t have to end at the campground gates.
  • The festival gates do not open until 4pm. We want you all to actually remember the festival, so pace yourselves…seriously.
  • The headliner is 10:00pm. Remember when the last act ends before 11:00 and you’re all fired up?!  Our festival runs a little later under the stars where a Summer country fest should be.

We are all in this together.  We are laying the foundation for the next great Country Music Tradition and we are doing it for you, the fans! Lets make this year one we can all look forward to, together as a community.

WE all deserve to celebrate, be free and enjoy some positive vibes.

Its been a long time coming…

See you all in July!


Re-Entry into Concert Venue

Festival Staff has the authority to allow re-entry for any emergency situation. We recommend visiting the medical tent upon arrival to notify them of your pre-exisiting condition that may need attention later in the evening.

Re-entry into the campgrounds between 4pm and 11pm is prohibited.  If you prefer to just come in for the last 2 acts, by all means.. but we recommend coming in early, buying a few beers and supporting YOUR local Country Music Festival. 

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